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How does the process work?

We will book you in to an appointment time that works with time zones and will connect via a video call either through Skype, Zoom or facetime which will connect you directly to a stylist in one of one 22 showrooms around the globe.

How many gowns do I get to see?

You will get to see 3 to 5 gowns that stylists will also try on for you to see how they move and fit on the body​.

How much does it cost?

This virtual appointment service is free!

How do I join the video call with my Stylist?

Once we confirm a time, we will also confirm your preferred platform to take the call on (Skype, Zoom or Facetime) we will send you a meeting request with log in details.

What information about myself do I need to provide?

Prior to the call, we ask that you look at our collections page and familiarise yourself with our collections and gown names. Once you spot 5 that you love, we ask you to confirm these 5 prior to your virtual appointment. We will also ask you to confirm wedding date or time of year of your wedding so we can confirm best order timeframes.


Your virtual appointment will go for 60 mins​.