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Anthony and Kimberly in the Nathalia

Kimberly and Anthony shared an intimate Italian themed wedding in Cayucos, California. They chose The Cass House, a breathtaking venue on the beach with so much character. The location paired perfectly with their Italian wedding theme and colour palette

Bride and groom walking down the aisle at their wedding ceremony

The Love Story

After meeting while working in two different business units, Kimberly admits it wasn't love at first sight. Although the couple were always butting heads on different things, there was a stronger bond to explore. A common love for cars sparked a deeper connection. “I complimented him on a car shirt he was wearing... and our friends pushed us to give each other a chance, despite our stubbornness and differences,” the bride reminisces. 

As their love story blossomed, it didn’t take long for Kimberly to realise he was ‘The One.’ The couple had already been dating for years, and the bride could just reflect on how much Anthony had supported her personal growth. Not only had she become a better person thanks to his support, but he was always there to give her a constant push to challenge herself. “He never doubted me; he was always there even if I failed, to get me to try again,. 

Years of shared memories, including their very first trip together to Japan, meeting each other’s family, led them to strengthen their love story. "There were so many moments filled with love, laughter, and memories during our two-week trip in Japan. It made him realize that this was the future he wanted," she shares.

Bride and groom saying their vows
Bride and groom big kiss moment

A Romantic Proposal in Mayakoba, Mexico

The couple’s love story took a romantic turn when Anthony, seizing an opportunity on a picturesque beach in Mayakoba, proposed to Kimberly. Originally traveling to Cancun, Mexico, for work duties, Kimberly tagged along. Little did she know Anthony would ask her hand. Fast forward to a magical moment, the couple moved from Cancun to a little area called Mayakoba. 

“We were walking on the beach during sunset, and I was picking up shells as we were talking about the things we have appreciated in life over the past few years we have been together,” the bride shares. Little did Kimberly know, amidst the beauty of their surroundings and the simplicity of the moment, Anthony had been holding onto a family ring, waiting for the perfect moment. “Anthony asked if I was happy and if I loved him; of course, I said I did. He walked over by a palm tree and looked at the sand, then waved for me to come over and said, babe, look what I found... come look at this." As Kimberly walked over and opened his palm, she found his mother’s wedding ring. She had given it to him on their last trip to Japan so he could propose when he was ready. 

Bride and groom sitting in vintage car
Bride and groom holding hands
Bride and groom in vintage car
Bride and groom together in local town in Mexico

An Amalfi Coast Themed Wedding in Cayucos, California

The couple tied the knot on a coastal beach, Cayucos, in California. They both envisioned an Amalfi Coast-themed wedding to celebrate their love. Nestled thirty minutes from Paso Robles and twenty minutes from San Luis Obispo, this charming seaside town was a dream come true. "The road was so peaceful, and the beach absolutely stunning. It almost looked like you were in a different country," Kimberly shares. 

As the wedding planning unfolded, the couple started visiting different parts of Los Angeles to find the dream venue. They chose the Cass House. "It was our wild card and the last venue on our visit to California. We just weren't set on any of the venues and started to think we needed to change our destination. We wanted to have an Italian-themed wedding since we are planning on going to Italy for our honeymoon and wanted to keep with the Italian theme," the bride explains.

When they visited the Cass House, it was love at first sight. The venue featured the same color palette as their wedding. The venue, steeped in character, was inspiring, a nod to the couple’s love for details and intimacy. Not only could they envision how their wedding day would look, but they fell in love with the team there and the overall vibe. 

The special day itself was infused with Italian traditions. Fresh pizzas coming from a brick oven were served family style, as well as a gelato cart. Having only 33 guests allowed the couple to enjoy an intimate and memorable night and organize things their way. As for the décor, the venue included candles, olive leaves as greenery, and tons of lemons.


Vintage red car outside wedding venue
Wedding venue

The bride opted for a first look, which happened to be one of the highlights of her special day. “I enjoyed getting ready and the reveal of the dress to my sister and closest friends.” Looking at the bride’s photos, each moment was captured so well! 

Another standout feature was the unique structure of the ceremony, marked by its intimacy. Instead of having the wedding party stand throughout the ceremony, the couple chose to allow them to fully savor the experience. They had their guests sit after they walked down the aisle, ensuring everyone could enjoy the wedding and really soak it in. 

The reception was such an exciting celebration. Speeches by friends and family truly added emotion to the evening. The end of the night was “absolutely breathtaking” for the couple, as they rented cold sparklers and had all guests gather on the porch of the venue for the final photo and memory of the night.

Bride in the Nathalia gown and groom holding her bouquet
Table seating list

Saying Yes to a Unique Lace Design

Kimberly, always envisioned herself in a lace wedding dress and ended up finding her dream dress in our Houston bridal boutique. “I absolutely love lace; I always wanted my dress to have a unique lace design.” Although she originally was opting for a sleeveless and low-back gown, it was love at first sight when she tried on the Nathalia gown. “I just knew this was the perfect dress because it was so romantic and elegant,” she recalls. 

As she began her bridal journey, she tried on many lace dresses but could not find the one that stood out. “They were beautiful but didn’t have that classic romantic style I was wanting.” When she visited our boutique, she loved all the lace designs as well as how comfortable and light they were. “Nathalia was actually my wild card that our dress bridal stylist chose for me.” 

Having her sister with her surely made the experience magical. The bride recalls her visit, “the process was so easy prior to the appointment. Our bridal stylist was very insightful and helpful; he listened to all the details and asked the right questions to understand my personal style.” The bride's brief – a timeless dress she could look back on in ten to twenty years with a classic touch. When she put on the Nathalia, it was truly a ‘wow’ moment.

To elevate her bridal style, Kimberly opted for a simple cathedral veil, earrings, a hair comb, and beautiful peep-toed heels!. She wanted to highlight the neckline of the Nathalia gown, so kept her neck bare to showcase the beautiful design.  

Brides accessories and perfume
Bridesmaid helping Bride get ready

"When we dressed it up with the pearls on the sleeves, the heels, and the veil, this was the dress that I had been looking for"

"When we dressed it up with the pearls on the sleeves, the heels, and the veil, this was the dress that I had been looking for"

Brides accessories and perfume
Bridesmaid helping Bride get ready

Words of Wisdom

Kimberly advises other brides to give the dress they wouldn't expect themselves a chance. “You may find your diamond in the rough”.



photographer: janEL HERRANZ
WEDDING VENUE & catering: cass house CAYUCOS
florisT: mauna florist
makeup artist: Anna Grimes
WEDDING PLANNER: lisa karcher