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Bradley and Maghadee in the Nathalia

Maghadee and Bradley were lucky enough to tie the knot in Rome, Italy. Both being admirers of art, the iconic city was a natural choice for their special day. They would spend hours at cafes discussing and reading about art and architecture, followed by analysis and playful debates.

Bride and groom sharing a kiss in Rome, Italy.

The Love Story

Bradley and Maghadee's love story blossomed through their love for art. They first crossed paths at a post-impressionist exhibition in Toronto, Canada, and continued to explore various exhibitions and shows together in the following year. Maghadee recalls how Bradley was “an outdoorsy and adventurous man who loves being in nature. Eventually, the couple explored the wilds of Canada alongside one another and slowly developed a strong bond. Years of travel, friendship, memories, and adventures led them to fall in love and spend every passing moment together.

Maghadee, aware of their differences, shares that it didn't stop her from falling for him. "He is very different from me in so many ways. I grew up in small, charming Sri Lanka, and he grew up in vast, beautiful Canada. He opened my life to so many great adventures," the bride shares.

Bradley had everything she looked for in a man – honesty, kindness, trust, talent, and discipline. Maghadee grew into the woman she is today and shares that it was all thanks to his encouragement and love. "There came a point I could not imagine my life without him," Maghadee recalls.

When Bradley was ready to propose to Maghadee, he organized a trip to set up camp and rock climb at a national park in Canada. "We canoed on a beautiful lake and climbed a rock overlooking calm, quiet woods early in the morning," the bride reminisces. As they were holding each other at the edge of the rock to enjoy the view, Bradley got on one knee and asked for Maghadee's hand. It was a resounding “yes,. 

Bride and groom sharing a kiss
Bride and groom underneath pillar in Rome
Bride and groom walking down the aisle
Bride and groom, sharing a kiss
Bride and groom on steps in Rome
Bride in the Nathalia gown and Chantilly veil

A Destination Wedding in Rome, Italia

From the very beginning of their wedding planning, the couple had a clear vision for their special day – to be surrounded by art as they exchanged vows. The couple envisioned a timeless celebration interwoven with creativity and minimalism. "We spent hours at cafes discussing and reading about art and architecture, followed by analysis and playful debates,” Maghadee shares. Both being admirers of art, celebrating their love in Rome was a natural choice.

The wedding day unfolded early on September 20th, 2023, in the quaint Trastevere area. The morning began with a getting-ready moment, followed by a brief stroll along the fairly quiet Tiber River with their photographer, which felt like a scene out of a romance movie for Maghadee. "I still remember being in complete awe," the bride shares.

For their ceremony location, they opted for the Borghese Garden and the Temple of Diana. Following the ceremony, they enjoyed a brief photoshoot with the wedding party, taking in the panoramic view of Piazza del Popolo. Afterwards, they headed to a café to savor cappuccinos and pastries. The couple parted ways with their guests until the reception, so that their friends who travelled in for the day could breathe in the beauty of Rome. Meanwhile, the newlyweds enjoyed each other's company and reflected on the special moments of the ceremony.

The reception was held at the Babette ristorante – a dream come true for those who appreciate modern art and creative impulses. They had some of the most amazing food and spent the evening exchanging stories with their family and friends. "Afterwards, we took a short walk with our wedding party along the Spanish Steps to finish the most unforgettable day of our life,".

Reflecting on the ceremony, the bride shares that it was an ode to romance. "Bradley had written me the most stunning free verse. As he read it to me, I was transported to another world," Maghadee shared. "As I read mine, I felt the sacredness that the words brought to the ceremony. I sensed the energy of being bound to my words, a commitment I must adhere to." 

Bride and groom in streets of Rome
Garden wedding venue
Groom kissing brides hand

Saying ‘Yes’ to the Nathalia Gown

Maghadee found her dream dress at our Toronto Boutique. When trying on the Nathalia, it was love at first sight. "I was so overwhelmed. It was the most stunning thing I ever adorned," she shares.

If there was a gown crafted for a woman who loves a contemporary work of art, Nathalia is it. Given Maghadee’s love for art, falling for Nathalia’s lace panels and details was inevitable. Maghadee’s fashion choices were equally artful and classic. She already knew she was looking for lace, so it didn't take long for her to decide. "I just picked her on the spot," she shares.

Leaving no details overlooked, Maghadee elevated her bridal ensemble with the Chantilly veil. "I felt it was just made for Rome," she shares. Lastly, she complemented her look with delicate gold, pear drop earrings and white heels. 

Bride and groom in Rome

"The classic off-the-shoulder with the delicate eyelash trim is just so romantic. The lacework from sleeves to the train was just unbelievably gorgeous". 

"The classic off-the-shoulder with the delicate eyelash trim is just so romantic. The lacework from sleeves to the train was just unbelievably gorgeous". 

Bride and groom walking into their weddingeps of Rome, Italy
Bride with her simple white floral bouquet

Words of Wisdom

"Marriage can be the most sacred bond you might ever forge. While love is the beautiful spark that brought you together, do not rely on it to always stay the same. Love will evolve with both of you as time passes. It will become a combination of devotion, duty, dependability, and faith, in addition to the attraction you feel for each other. Seize every opportunity to celebrate small things; remind each other why you chose each other." 

Bride in the nathalia gown
Bride in nathalia gown and chantilly veil


VENUE: bORGHESE Gardens, rome
PHOTOGRAPHER: new light studio & daniel torella photography
Celebrant: melanie manickham
florist: fiori barduagni