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David and Jaiden in the Zsa Zsa Gown

David and Jaiden’s wedding, rich with moody romance, was held in a stylish urban loft in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. 

Bride and groom cutting the cake

Highschool Sweethearts

 David and Jaiden's story began when they first noticed each other at the young age of 11 on their first day of school. They had a brief, sweet middle school "romance," as Jaiden recalls, but it was their enduring friendship that stood the test of time. They officially began their relationship in their senior year, and after six wonderful years together, they tied the knot.  

For over a decade, David and Jaiden felt a natural pull toward each other. “I think I always knew in the back of my head he was the one, but what solidified it for me was when I realized how much trust I have in him,” Jaiden shares. She trusts him to always choose her, protect her, and lead their future family. “He is my best friend and safe place,” she confides.  

For Mother’s Day, they surprised Jaiden’s mom with a professional family photo session. Though Jaiden had no reason to believe that David would propose, she had a strong suspicion that it was going to happen. He cleverly handed his phone to a co-worker to mask his location and keep Jaiden guessing. As she entered the studio, there he was, surrounded by an incredible “Marry Me” setup a scene straight out of a fairytale. “It was a surreal experience,” she reminisces.  

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A Historic Downtown Wedding in Fort Worth, Texas

David and Jaiden celebrated their special day at Century Hall in Texas. Located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, this contemporary, industrial urban loft holds 120 years of rich history. The exposed bricks, vintage ceiling, and rustic wooden floors are a few of the many features the couple fell in love with. “I love the character it has. It was just cool. It felt very "us",” Jaiden shares.  

Their wedding was a dreamlike blend of moody romance as the two became one in a seal of marriage. Jaiden cherished the intimate moments leading up to the ceremony: the joyful camaraderie while getting ready with her lifelong friends and the heartwarming first look with her father. As she walked down the aisle towards David, tears welled up in her eyes. The private moments alone with her husband after their ceremony, paired with his surprise vows, were among the day’s most beautiful highlights. “On your wedding day, focus on the fact you are about to marry your best friend instead of worrying and stressing out about the things going on around you,” Jaiden reflects. 

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Dressed in Zsa Zsa

Since she was 18, Jaiden had dreamt of wearing a Grace Loves Lace dress on her wedding day. By the time she got engaged, our Dallas boutique had opened its doors. Jaiden visited with her mother, stepmother, and grandmother, sharing that her experience was truly exceptional. After trying on many of our gowns, it was Zsa Zsa that lingered in her thoughts. “I wanted something simple that was fitted to my body with a low back and thin straps. The Zsa Zsa dress was all of that but with a little bit more,” the bride highlights. Initially hesitant about wearing a veil, she was convinced by her mom to try our Henri veil. The moment she put it on, emotions ran high, and they all knew that her look was complete. 

Bride in our Zsa Zsa gown

Zsa Zsa Gown

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makeup artist: VICTORIA PEPEN
hair Stylist: MADDY FRANKOW