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Giles and Sabrina in the Zsa Zsa

Giles and Sabrina tied the knot far away from the hustle and bustle of London, at the epic Rockbeare Manor. The celebration included minimalistic accents, natural surroundings and a lot of romance!  


From Childhood Friends to a Garden Proposal

Giles and Sabrina first crossed paths as young children in Ghana, both growing up just across the road from one another. Their strong friendship developed over time and lasted until they both decided to settle down in London. After a few years, the couple decided to have a spontaneous meetup in the city.


It soon became clear there was more than just a strong bond between them, and they had a deeper connection to explore. As their love story blossomed, Sabrina knew that Giles was the one for her. "Everything about our beliefs just lined up - our relationship was effortless", she shares. It didn't take long for Giles to drop down on one knee, asking her to become the love of his life. If that sweet love story wasn't enough, just wait until you hear about Giles's proposal.


It all happened when this nature-loving couple decided to go on a long walk and ended up at Royal Greenwich Gardens. Little did Sabrina know, Giles was about to propose, waiting for the perfect setting. The couple had trouble finding the perfect spot to catch their breath, as Giles was searching for a private area that felt right for the proposal. As soon as he had found the perfect backdrop, the couple sat down and began reflecting on the beautiful year ahead of them. Giles shared how happy he was and how he could not envision the rest of his life without her.


As he got down on one knee, Sabrina didn't see it coming but couldn’t say yes fast enough! 

Bride in the Zsa Zsa gown
Bride holding a flower bouquet with the groom
Bride laughing, holding the bouquet toss while walking down the aisle with the groom
Bride and groom entering the venue
Bride laughing, holding the bouquet toss while walking down the aisle with the groom

A Minimalistic and Elegant Wedding in Devon, Exeter

The nature-loving couple envisioned an elegant, garden-inspired wedding that infused their love for the countryside. When they visited Rockbeare Manor, they knew they had found their dream wedding venue. Not only was the venue elegant, but it was also far away from the hustle and bustle of London.


We had this gut feeling that it was the perfect one, she shares. The celebration was minimalistic and elegant, filled with far-reaching views, country beauty, and luxurious surroundings. 

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake
Bride and groom, surrounded by their guests after walking down the aisle

The reception was incredible, accented with vibrant and neutral hues. Leah, their Event Coordinator, crafted a one-of-a-kind wedding. Not only did she turn the couple’s vision into reality, but she also ensured the day would be relaxed and filled with love.


Leaving no details overlooked, the couple gave the utmost care and attention to their celebration with various bespoke services. Hannah from Bouquets and Bunches crafted their stunning flower arrangements, and Rockbeare Manor designed the perfect menu to leave a lasting impression on their nearest and dearest.

“It was absolutely magical,” shares Sabrina.


It’s no secret that saying 'I do' to the love of your life in front of your loved ones is such a magical moment. Sabrina’s highlight of the day was her walk down the aisle to see Giles waiting for her, ready to share the speeches and their first dance. 

venue setting adorned with neutral tones
Bride walking down the stairs with her father

Saying Yes to Her Bridal Look

When Sabrina tried on Zsa Zsa in our London Boutique, it was love at first sight. If there was a gown that screamed my name, it would be "Zsa Zsa, she shares. From the sleek silhouette to the satin fabric, it was everything Sabrina had envisioned for her special day. The bride's brief: something comfortable, minimalistic, well-suited for the modern bride. 


Sabrina shares, When I tried on Zsa Zsa, I had the same feeling as when I first visited Rockbeare Manor. I just knew I had to wear Zsa Zsa. To top it off, the bridal experience was cozy and relaxed. One of our London Bridal Stylist helped Sabrina try on a few gowns before she said,I do”.  


To complement her bridal look, Sabrina decided to wear a diamanté choker, pearl earrings with white strappy heels for the final touch. She also wore a silver bangle but wanted to keep everything else minimalistic. On her special day, she had her makeup organized by Santos from Slayed by Santos Mua. With the help of her mum and sister-in-law, Sabrina achieved a stunning and elegant hairstyle. 

Bride walking with her father during the ceremony
Bride walking with her father during the ceremony
Bride wearing the Zsa Zsa gown and Frederike veil
Bride's first look in the Zsa Zsa and Frederike veil

"The wedding was absolutely magical. Marrying the love of my life in front of our nearest and dearest was a dream. The day was so relaxed and filled with so much love"

"The wedding was magical. Marrying the love of my life in front of our nearest and dearest was a dream. The day was relaxed and filled with so much love."

Bride sharing a kiss with the groom
Bride wearing the Zsa Zsa gown



ACCESSORIES: frederike veil
photographer: claire rivers
VIDEOGRAPHER: caroline king
master of ceremonies: mark lanahan