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Joe and Keeley in the Chelo Dress

Keeley and Joe tied the knot in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, opting for a traditional ceremony at the historic St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in the eccentric Strip District neighborhood, followed by a large reception at the Heinz History Museum.

Bride in love heart sunglasses wearing the Chelo gown

From Freshman Orientation to a Picturesque Proposal in Lincoln Park

Keeley and Joe's paths first crossed on their very first freshman orientation day. The couple stayed friends for years, both living in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. Although they were running into each other uptown, sparks didn’t fly until their junior year. Joe had everything Keeley was looking for in a man – kindness, patience, happiness, and most importantly, ease. 

Years into their relationship, Joe surprised Keeley with a picturesque proposal. Although Keeley was not feeling her best on that day, her sister had encouraged her to "put on a cute outfit to go for a walk with Joe." Little did she know her sister was Joe's partner in planning, ensuring she would look her best for the proposal. The couple went for a walk in one of their favorite neighborhood places, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Lincoln Park.

Four other proposals were unfolding on that picturesque fall morning. Joe had planned everything – from Keeley’s cute outfit to the photographer hiding in the bushes. As Keeley turned around, Joe was on one knee, surrounded by gorgeous lily pads and ready to ask the ultimate questionwill you marry me? 

Grace Bride in the Chelo gown
Bride and groom dancing

A Traditional and Urban Celebration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Joe and Keeley tied the knot in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Given the couple's large number of family members, opting for a spacious venue that could accommodate everyone's preferences was paramount. The couple's brief was to have fun, allow everyone to connect with others, and dance all night long.The traditional ceremony was held at the historical St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in the eccentric Strip District neighborhood. The following reception took place at the Heinz History Museum, located ten minutes away from the church – a perfect excuse to enjoy city views.

Being so close to the center, the couple chose a traditional and urban theme, filled with disco touches. The charm and eccentricity of the Strip District was what drew the couple to the location. Not only was the size of the venue ideal to accommodate the couple’s large guest list, but the juxtaposition between the historic museum (employed for cocktail hours) and the beautiful center and outdoor space used for the reception was a dream come true.

Although the couple had all night to enjoy the venue, they were so excited that they visited it a few hours beforehand together. A few highlights of their special day included the performance of Keeley’s brother and the entire extended family on stage with an eight-piece band. The bridal party also enjoyed a few trolley rides around the city and danced the night away with friends and family. There was never a dull moment, from unforgettable speeches to candle-lit windows and an incredible sunset.  

Bride and groom walking through archway
Bride and groom at wedding reception
Bride and groom outside venue
Father of the bride walking bride down aisle
Father of the bride
Bridal party

Saying Yes to the Chelo Gown

When Keeley tried on the Chelo gown in our Chicago Boutique, it was love at first sight. Although she tried five wedding dresses, she was able to quickly narrow down her options to one or two. “Grace Loves Lace was the most positive, empowering experience,” she recalls. Having her mom, mother-in-law, sister, and best friend by her side, the bride felt “so supported, loved, and excited.” 

“Other gowns were gorgeous, the assistants were fabulous and encouraging, the showroom was relaxing and rejuvenating, and the dresses were breathtaking,” she shares. To complement her bridal look, Keeley decided to wear the Grace veil, pearl anklets, and handmade pearl earrings. As a bride who had envisioned dancing the night away – going barefoot was an ideal choice. 


Kindly be advised that our Chelo gown has been discontinued and will not be restocked.

I never felt so radiant as I did in Chelo. She is unique, form-fitting, flowy, gorgeous, and most importantly, insanely comfortable. 

I never felt so radiant as I did in Chelo. She is unique, form-fitting, flowy, gorgeous, and most importantly, insanely comfortable. 

Bride with her bridesmaids
Bride and groom at wedding ceremony in a church
Bride and groom standing on wedding bus
Bride and groom pouring champagne over glasses
Bride and groom pouring champagne over glasses
Bride and groom standing on wedding bus

Words of Wisdom

Keeley’s words of wisdom are to enjoy the process, to not take things too seriously, and to savor the time with your partner. She also recommends taking a moment during the ceremony to pause, look at your partner, and take in all the emotions. It goes so incredibly fast, and you will never get that time back with all your loved ones at once. 

Bride and groom at the end of the aisle