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Matt and Maddie in the Goldie Gown

Matt and Maddie tied the knot in a cozy backyard wedding in Utah, surrounded by their closest friends and family.   

Bride and groom looking at each other

An Online Connection

Maddie’s first glimpse of Matt was on a TikTok video, where he charmed her with his Jack Sparrow impression. Intrigued, she left a comment, prompting Matt to reach out with a message. Their connection deepened over daily FaceTime calls for months until Matt decided to visit Maddie in Utah during the pandemic, which eventually led to the couple moving in together; they were inseparable. “After our first FaceTime call, I told my mom I was going to marry him. He was the only person I could be my full self with. Somehow, we clicked instantly into best friends,” the bride reminisces.  

Matt and Maddie joined their close friends on a vacation to Greece, where a romantic proposal was planned for their friend's girlfriend. Little did Maddie know that the trip would also include an unexpected twist. On the beautiful island of Santorini, among the celebrations of their friends’ engagement, Maddie woke up to the most delightful surprise of all: a proposal from the love of her life. “It was the most amazing thing to experience such a special and exciting moment with our close friends,” the bride reflects.  

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Bride and groom hugging in a garden
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An Intimate Backyard Wedding in Utah

Maddie had never envisioned her wedding day until she got engaged. She wanted a wedding that felt luxurious without breaking the bank, so the couple shared an intimate wedding in a dear friend’s backyard. “It was absolutely perfect,” the bride describes. With most venues feeling too large and not aligning with Maddie’s vision, they crafted their dream wedding, exuding a timeless and elegant style.  

The couple's first look was an unforgettable moment, brimming with beauty and emotion. Matt and Maddie cherished the intimacy of their ceremony, which was marked by heartfelt vows and many tears. The evening unfolded with dinner and dancing among their extended family and close friends.It was so fun, especially because I picked the playlist,” Maddie highlights.  

Backyard wedding set up
Bride with her bridesmaids
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A Moment for Goldie  

After exhausting numerous wedding gown stores and feeling disheartened by the high prices, Maddie stumbled across a Grace Loves Lace advertisement and made an appointment at one of our boutiques. “I tried on so many dresses and loved so many, I couldn't choose,” Maddie recounts. Encouraged by her bridal stylist, Maddie put on the Goldie, hesitant, as halter neck dresses weren’t her usual style. Yet as soon as she put it on, she couldn’t bring herself to take it off. “I was so excited. I finally found it! After so much searching, I found the perfect dress, and it didn't break the bank,” the bride reflects.  

Bride and groom dancing together
Bride in our Goldie gown

Goldie Gown

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Advice from the Bride

"You do not have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful wedding. We also kept our wedding smaller, so we got to have a good time with each guest and still had time together. Another thing we did was, after we were married, we never left each other's side. It was our wedding day, so we pretty much stayed hand in hand the whole day. This was truly the most amazing day of my life. 

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accessories: SHIMMY VEIL
BRIDE: MADDIE Henderson Scharff
content creator: SABRINA ANNE
hair and makeup: ELLIE HENDERSON