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Peter and Jaeda in the Noah Gown

Peter and Jaeda shared an intimate wedding against the backdrop of the verdant jungle of Mexico’s enchanting Tulum region. 

Bride standing behind the groom for their first look

The Romance of Peter and Jaeda

Peter and Jaeda's paths intertwined as Jaeda was waitressing at one of her cherished downtown Jersey City eateries. Peter, accompanied by his large Italian family, arrived to celebrate his 30th birthday, with Jaeda assigned to be their waitress for the evening. Little did she know that she would meet her future husband that night. Peter’s charm, wit, and humor immediately caught her attention, and from there, their love story unfolded.  

Jaeda describes Peter as "the funniest human being I've ever met," bringing daily bouts of deep belly laughter into their lives—a quality she had always dreamed of in a husband. Reflecting on their journey, Jaeda recognized Peter as 'The One' through his deep interest in her. "He asked me the most thoughtful questions about myself, my viewpoints, and the way I experienced life. His heart was so genuine," she reminisces. 

The bride and groom sharing a dip kiss
Bride in our Noah gown
Bride and groom sharing a first look
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A Garden Proposal in Barcelona

In 2021, the couple traveled to the stunning city of Barcelona, where Peter’s sister tied the knot. Here, Peter was inspired to make his own romantic gesture during the wedding festivities, with the support of his sister, who is known for her selflessness. As Bruno Mars' "Marry Me" serenaded the air, Peter led Jaeda to the center of the dance floor, unaware of his grand plan unfolding. Surrounded by guests, Peter kneeled before Jaeda, asking for her hand in marriage. In that magical moment, amidst the verdant beauty of Barcelona's garden, Jaeda felt as though she had stepped into a modern-day fairy tale. 

Bride and groom sharing their first dance
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Bride getting ready into our Noah gown
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A Jungle Wedding in Tulum, Mexico

Tucked within a jungle oasis, Peter and Jaeda exchanged vows at Kima Tulum in Mexico’s enchanting Tulum region, surrounded by 65 of their loved ones. For the couple, the venue was nothing short of extraordinary. I've never seen such a beautiful space in my life,” the bride reminisces. From the moment the music began, Jaeda did not leave the dance floor, swept up in an endless whirlwind of dancing and laughter.   

The talents of the couple’s wedding photographers and videographers transformed their special day, as the couple were made to feel like high-caste fashion models. ‘It was quite the experience,” Jaeda reflects. A final highlight for Peter and Jaeda was the deliberate extension of their wedding day, a thoughtful decision to ensure they savored every precious moment without feeling rushed or as if time slipped away too swiftly. 

Bride and groom walking down the aisle together

The Grace Experience

Living far away from friends and family, Jaeda went to her Grace appointment alone. Initially feeling disheartened by this, her experience at our Atlanta boutique transformed her perspective entirely. “Monica made me feel like she was part of my family, and suddenly the idea of being alone was no longer relevant to me.  

The bride fell in love with the Noah gown and said ‘yes’ to the dress the same day. Jaeda chose Noah as she embodied the essence of Tuluma perfect fit for her dream jungle wedding. The gown’s unique design captivated Jaeda instantly; it was perfect. “Grace Loves Lace is one of a kind. Look no further. I couldn't imagine buying my dress elsewhere. It was a perfect experience,” Jaeda shares. The bride complemented Noah with our Willa Pearl Earrings, a simple and elegant addition.  

Detailing of the Noah gown

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