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Toby and Kailee in the Orla Gown

Toby and Kailee wed at a charming country estate in Somerset, United Kingdom, set amidst verdant gardens and timeless historic architecture.   

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Their Long-Distance Romance

 Kailee and Toby first met thanks to some thoughtful matchmaking from mutual friends. One of Kailee’s childhood friends married a friend of Toby’s, and they were convinced the two would hit it off, despite the couple living far apart. Unfortunately, Kailee was travelling around Europe during the wedding and missed the opportunity to meet Toby, though she held onto the hope that they might cross paths someday. Shortly after, he returned for a five-week visit, and three days into his stay, they finally met. From that first spark, they were inseparable, their second date evolving into a five-hour conversation that seamlessly marked the start of their relationship.  

 Despite the distance, their relationship flourished as they made every effort to see each other frequently. Kailee appreciated Toby’s unwavering commitment. He was determined and followed through on what he said, and he always made me feel like a priority, she reminisces. By the time they got engaged, they had spent nearly half their dating period together, overcoming the challenges of a long-distance relationship.   

The bride in our Orla gown
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A Sunset Proposal on the English Shore

Kailee's excitement for a proposal peaked during her six-week stay in England, especially with her parents visiting for ten days. They had designed the ring together, but Toby was notorious for being unable to keep secrets. As the final day of her parents' visit approached, Toby's behaviour became increasingly evasive. He was doing everything he could to avoid Kailee, determined to keep the surprise under wraps until the perfect moment. 

On her parents' last night, they went for a stroll along a local beach. And there, amid a cosy picnic setup, orchestrated with the help of his sister and their close friends, he dropped to one knee. While Kailee's parents were happily distracted, the couple savoured the moment, clinking glasses of champagne as the sun dipped below the horizon. Upon their return, they were met with a burst of excitement as 40 friends and family members greeted them with a surprise party. "It was the perfect day," the bride reminisces. 

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Brympton House, UK
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A Charming Country Estate Wedding in Somerset, United Kingdom

Kailee and Toby wed at Brympton House in Somerset, United Kingdom, a charming country estate bursting with character and blooming florals with a spring garden ambiance. The couple didn’t have to spend long searching for a venue; they knew from the beginning that Brympton House was the perfect choice. Their vision aligned beautifully with the venue's offerings: a historic residence with accommodation, both indoor and outdoor arrangements, and brimming with quintessential English charm.  

The bride’s most cherished highlight of the day occurred as she made her way down the stairs with her father, along the longest continuous staircase in the United Kingdom. As they walked down, her bridesmaids started signing, creating a beautiful pre-ceremony moment. “It was such a beautiful last moment with my girls before the ceremony,” Kailee recalls.  

 The bride’s advice would be to enjoy every moment as it goes by so quickly. I spent months planning for it to go by so quickly, and I’m so glad we took time in different moments to soak it all in.” 

The bride and groom at the Brympton House
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An Orla Bride

Five years ago, the bride stumbled across Orla on Instagram, and it was love at first sight. Its intricacy and unique charm captured Kailee, empowering her to feel sexy and confident. Kailee locked in her dress at our Los Angeles boutique.It was a 10/10 experience and absolutely worth the drive,” she enthused. To complete her bridal look, she chose our ethereal Lumi veil and adorned herself with heirloom earrings crafted from the very wedding rings her grandparents once wore, beautifully melted down for this special occasion. 

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Orla Gown

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Eleanor & Nathan Jones
hair Stylist: KATE TUFFIN